Who is G?  G is Geography, Great Trails, Great Places, Great Spots, Great Bikes, Great Tales and generally about the Great things in life.

G Trails is a page about great trails for recreational use.  It’s aimed at the development of cycling infrastructure; using GIS and Geography to support such development and; enjoying cycling infrastructure.  Over the years I have met so many people who want to enjoy cycling, but, don’t know where to go.  This page is intended to help them.

G Tales captures some of those special stories which simply must be captured and told.

G Spots are not the erogenous zone as identified by Ernest Grafenberg.  G Spots are special geographic places, which are great for mountain biking.  Together with a good mountain bike, good trail and good people, G Spots are where you have intense erogenous fun.  

G Bikes are the bikes which ride the trails, create the tales and make those G Spots!

G Racing are races / events which I participate in.


The Coega Daily Commute:  The Coega Daily Commute (CDC) is a journey from fat to fit. Work and commuting are personal choices and this site celebrates both. The CDC blog is about the lifestyle and societal benefits of the world of work, of how we get there and about place and possibility.

The Specialized Trail Crew:  A Blog Shot at trying to join the Specialized Trail Crew in 2009.  Unfortuantely, the attempt did not work out.

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